Digital Age Solutions

Content Encoding


Media streaming is the most effective way to encourage consumers to engage with your content online – but media encoding is typically one of the greatest hurdles in bringing your content to market.

With many cookie-cutter encoding services available via cloud solutions, DAS created its own optimized processes that allow content owners to create specialized encoding profiles that are respective of their content and business objectives.

We have streamlined the encoding process and work with over 185,000 encoded pieces of content per year, allowing us to offer enterprise-grade encoding services at small-business prices. Our expert consultants are able to provide streaming services in many current file formats and can work closely with you to determine which format is best for your platform. We then digitize your video in one of our streaming media suites and encode your file to the right specifications, making it quick and easy to deliver to your online audience.

We can also convert and encode video content from a variety of digital and analog sources, enabling you to reinvigorate dated video footage for a modern audience. We optimize your video for download and streaming services, as well as offering additional editing services, noise reduction, de-interlacing, and digital and visual watermarking.

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